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Building Back Better - 10 September 2020


The European Union’s recovery plans to build back better after the coronavirus crisis include ambitious proposals to reinforce research and innovation and kick-start the economy. Next Generation EU is an opportunity for Europe to once again become the global game-changer in replacing animal research with new approach methodologies and to be the world’s powerhouse in humane and human-relevant science. To do this will require a coordinated and ambitious pro-active strategy across and within the institutions of the EU, member states, industry and academia. If not now, when?

There is growing awareness of the limitations of animal research and its inability to make reliable predictions for humans. In recent years, the USA has come to dominate the cell-based and in-vitro toxicology markets.

Come and join a broad range of stakeholders from the EU and the US in this online conference to talk about the contribution new approach methodologies can make to delivering the EU Green Deal and to building back better all over the world; initiatives underway in Europe and North America to replace animal testing; what programmes like Horizon Europe can do to bring about a paradigm shift and how applying the logic of targets could be the important next step.

The Cyber Security Summer Hub

Confirmed speakers

Prenom NOM - 9th Parliamentary term

Sirpa Pietikainen


European Parliament

Tilly METZ official portrait - 9th Parliamentary term

Tilly Metz


European Parliament


Franz Lamplmair

Adviser for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing. DG GROW

European Commission

Prenom NOM - 8th Parliamentary term

Marisa Matias


European Parliament


 Dr Warren S. Casey

US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and Executive Director of ICCVAM


Anna Lönnroth Sjödén

Head of Healthy Lives Unit, DG Research and Innovation

European Commission

Katy 1

Dr Katy Taylor

Director of Science and Regulatory Affairs

Cruelty Free Europe

Michelle Thew

Michelle Thew


Cruelty Free International


Dr Hermes Sanctorum

Consultant and Former Member of the Flemish Parliament and Belgian Senator

Maria Spyraki


European Parliament

Eleonora EVI official portrait - 9th Parliamentary term

Eleonora Evi


European Parliament


Thomas Hartung, MD, PhD


Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health

John HOWARTH official portrait - 9th Parliamentary term

John Howarth


Politics Without Borders


Elisabet Berggren

Deputy Head of Unit of the Chemicals Safety & Alternative Methods Unit

JRC, European Commission


David Thomas

Solicitor and Co-Founder

Advocates for Animals


Dr Luisa Bastos

Head of the Animals in Science Programme

Eurogroup for Animals


Ryan Titley

Director of Projects

European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN)


Dr Carol Treasure

Founder & CEO


More speakers to be announced shortly.


Note: All session timings below are in Central European Summer Time (CEST)

10:00 - 10:15
Opening Keynote
10:15 - 11:00
Opening Plenary: Ten years on from directive 2010/63/EU – Time for action
11:05 - 12:10
Workshop 1: Change in action – Initiatives to prioritise non-animal research around the world

Session focus: Examining examples of pro-active replacement and reduction plans

12:10 - 13:30
Workshop 2: Kickstarting economic recovery through European investment in non-animal research and innovation

Session focus: There is a strong call for the EU to take the lead in sustainable science and sustainable innovations and solutions. How can investment in non-animal research create drive forward economic recovery in Europe?

13:30 - 14:15
Networking Lunch
14:15 - 15:15
Workshop 3: Promoting cruelty free cosmetics: are the EU’s cosmetics testing and marketing prohibitions working?

Session focus: The EU’s “bans” on cosmetics animal testing and the marketing of animal-tested cosmetics were ground-breaking and much heralded. What have they achieved and, in 2020, are they working?

15:15 - 16:00
Closing Plenary: Implementing a road map to animal-free research in the EU
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About Cruelty Free Europe

Cruelty Free Europe is a Brussels based network of animal protection groups working to bring animal testing to an end across Europe. With a presence at the heart of EU decision-making, Cruelty Free Europe campaigns to ensure that animals used in experiments in Europe are taken seriously on the European political agenda.

The power of Cruelty Free Europe lies in combining the expertise and focus of a central team of science and regulatory experts from Cruelty Free International with the national perspective, skills and energy of Associate member groups across the countries of Europe.


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Event Manager | Forum Europe
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